Marie is a program and events manager with over 20 years experience ranging from street fairs to larger scale national festivals, carnivals and competitions.

    She strives to develop strong relationships with partners, government agencies and clients. Her networking has proven influential in increasing awareness for all her endeavors. With her relentless energy and passion, she has been known to singlehandedly take on the demands of multiple staff. Her dynamic attitude thrives in a fast-paced environment, and her personal approach offers a welcome attention to detail to any project.

    Marie can be found wherever the fun is, and that’s no mere coincidence. Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows seem to follow her every place she goes. Whether it's time to work or play, Marie is a blast to be around. She is a highly dedicated worker and always strives to succeed by doing the impossible and making things happen! She is very passionate about her work and her life which are usually intricately linked.


    • Establish and meet clear and measurable objectives

    • Network and build solid partnerships

    • Work under pressure in a constantly changing environment

    • Teamwork with leadership and consensus building skills

    • Creative problem solving

    • Highly creative way with words and images


    If it's worth doing, it's worth doing well. And with a smile! 



    «It always seems impossible until it's done.»

    — Nelson Mandela

    Event Management

    Production Management


    Pay Close Attention to Detail

    Creative Problem Solving

    Result focused



    « Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.»

    — Paulo Coelho

    Traveling Stories

    Director of Operations and Marketing

    Jan 2018 – Current


    Key Accomplishment: Shifted the organization from Mobile Cause & Salesforce to Kindful for a better donor management system & reporting.

    • Manage all fundraising events from working with a volunteer-based committee to vendors, promotions & designs, reporting, and communications with donors.
    • Manage all follow-up process following major fundraising events: contacting donors, reporting,  thanking the sponsors, paying the vendors
    • Manage the financial health of the organization by producing monthly and bi-monthly financial reports (with a daily update in Quickbooks)
    • Manage the fundraising portal and all communications with donors
    • Contribute to the preparation of grant requests to both government & private foundations, and manage all reporting
    • Run weekly newsletters to existing & potential donors
    • Manage the website with regular updates to SEO bringing the organization from a 10th page Google search to a 1st page SERP 
    • Follow up with vendors on their deliverables and ensure they are paid on time


    COO (previously Production Manager & Client Success Manager)

    Dec 2015 – December 2017


    Key Accomplishment: Guaranteed a successful transition from ThunderActive to Flashpoint, its spin-off, and in the result saved a staff of ten from an inevitable layoff.

    • Cultivated first time ever clientele return rate 
    • Developed and implemented marketing strategies
    • Maintained positive and healthy relationships with clients, building agency trust
    • Created and mapped new ways of managing operations 
    • Managed budget and overall agency finances
    • Maintained quality assurance on all campaign deliverables

    San Diego Derby Dolls

    Production Manager 

    May 2011 – January 2016


    Key Accomplishment: Organized back-to-back events and bouts all the while playing on a competitive roller derby team.


    • Managed production for all home bouts and major events
    • Overlooked each and every aspect behind the production of a live competitive event.
    • Recruited and managed teams of up to 50 volunteers for each home bout.
    • Prepared and distributed information prior to bouts.
    • Managed and designed the league's newsletter (MailChimp).
    • Wrote promo pieces and articles.
    • Coached Jr derby (girls 7-17) and women's bootcamp.

    Sage Tree Solutions

    Project Coordinator 

    Aug 2014 – Dec 2015


    Key Accomplishment: Reduced admin costs by 90% after moving the team out of a high scale loft to shared office space and shifting the team toward remote work.

    • Launched web development projects 
    • Executed high level QA on all deliveries 
    • Surpassed customer satisfaction and communication
    • Wrote content for the Sage Tree blog and regular press releases for the agency's clients.

    Joy of Living Media

    Project Assistant/Coordinator 

    July 2013 – March 2015


    Key Accomplishment: Stayed on top of a very popular social media campaign ensuring moderation of thousands of daily comments and interactions.

    • Assisted in the delivery of the Oprah Winfrey / Deepak Chopra 21-Day Meditation Experiences.
    • Identified inspirational images and quotes to support daily meditations 
    • Executed high level QA on daily emails, online meditation program, and social media postings 
    • Delivered daily social media postings on Facebook and Twitter to an audience of 750,000 +

    Axure Software Solutions


    Jan 2014 – Jun 2014


    Key Accomplishment: Translated and adapted the user interface of a HTML and web design software for French users.

    • Researched French terms currently being used mainly in France.
    • Re-wrote the software's user interface.
    • Created a review team to confirm accuracy of content.

    San Diego IndieFest

    Social Media Manager & Greenroom Coordinator

    Jan 2011 - April 2011
    May 2013 – Oct 2013

    Jan 2015 – March 2015


    Key Accomplishment: Supported the promotion and marketing strategies of San Diego Indiefest.

    • Structured a Google Doc containing pages of key info for all volunteers to consult in promoting the event.
    • Updated the company's Facebook page regularly.
    • Wrote and launched regular tweets to a network of over 6,000 followers.
    • Upheld strong relationships with business sponsors, community partners and participating artists via links and shares.
    • Coordinated the feeding of 600 hungry wolves (artists, crew and volunteers).

    The Jenna Druck Center

    Coordinator - Spirit of Leadership 

    Sep 2012 – Nov 2012


    Key Accomplishment: Successfully delivered a conference to 300 young women in San Diego in under 8 weeks.


    Assisted in the organization of the 2012 Spirit of Leadership conference and awards:

    • Reached out to local companies and restaurants to obtain food sponsorship.
    • Recruited and managed a team of 30+ volunteers.
    • Managed a social media campaign and a sponsorship drive.
    • Wrote and distributed press releases.
    • Assisted the general promotion, outreach and marketing to ensure a successful conference.

    City Wide Insulation - Racing Division

    Assistant Team Manager 

    Nov 2006 – Nov 2010


    Key Accomplishment: My attention to detail paid off well and my work never failed. My record as a mechanic was 100% ZERO failure.

    Advised and counseled crew chief on: relations with major suppliers and sponsors; hiring and firing of crew members; team building and team management of a team competing at 100 races per year at a national level.

    • Prepared weekly race reports in order to report results to team owner.
    • Managed all travel logistics for the team - booking of over 150 hotel rooms per year.
    • Managed and created a web site on iWeb with online sales and daily updates.
    • Traveled with the team and performed daily maintenance and inspection on race car.

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    Viewers beware: she's not as young as she appears!



    « Education is the most powerful weapon
    which you can use to change the world.

    — Nelson Mandela

    Université du Québec à Montréal

    Bachelors of Arts - Cultural Influence and Change

    Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology

    Associates Degree Recreation Leadership

    Landmark Worldwide

    Complete Curriculum: Leadership & Communication


    Giving back to the community is a way of life...


    Beach Cleanups Coordinator

    Landmark Worldwide

    Leadership Coach & Head Coach

    San Diego City College

    Member of the Advisory Committee

    San Diego Derby Dolls

    Production Manager + Junior Program Coach

    San Diego IndieFest

    Social Media Consultant + Greenroom Coordinator

    Montfort Hospital Foundation

    Vice-President + Member of the Board

    City of Ottawa Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee


    Voices and Sight & Sound

    Production Manager

    Project Believe

    San Diego Rep + Consultant

    Théâtre du Trillium


    French-Canadian Games

    Games Commissioner

    Théâtre La Catapulte

    Board Member


    Douglas C. Hoffman

    Drupal convert and evangelist

    Colleague at Sage Tree Solutions

    Marie came into the Sage Tree Solutions family at full speed and quickly became indispensable. Over a short period of time, Marie has taken on more and more responsibility in the areas of social media (more likes and retweets), marketing (great newsletters), quality assurance and documentation. Marie is a great asset to any team she works with.

    Dana Sather

    Principal | Business Manager of SPURLOCK POIRIER Landscape Architects

    Head of Junior Roller Derby Training Program

    Marie is just plain amazing. Her infectious smile and dedication helps inspire others to volunteer their time. She is an eloquent writer, a brave adventurer, and unconditional friend. Marie can work from anywhere on land or sea without skipping a beat!

    Tony Veneziano

    Communications Manager at SLS Promotions

    Colleague from the World of Outlaws - Sprint Car Racing

    Marie is one of the most organized and efficient workers I have ever met. While working in the auto racing industry, she was part of a team that competed in a series that raced nearly 80 times a year all across North America from early February until early November. Marie wore countless hats as part of the team and traveled to every single event helping in a variety of ways. Logistically traveling that much and making sure everyone on the team is on the same page and cooperating is nothing short of an amazing undertaking, and Marie was able to accomplish that year-after-year. The team she worked with was always one of the frontrunners, best prepared and organized and most professional, and I credit that to Marie and her leadership abilities.

    I certainly recommend Marie and the work she does. She has the technical know-how to perform a variety of tasks in an office or remotely, in addition to being a "people person," which in today's world is priceless. It was certainly an honor for me to get to work with and interact with Marie in the motorsports industry, and I learned countless lessons from her that I use in my everyday and business life.

    Any employer would be lucky to have a motivated, driven and efficient worker like Marie on their staff.

    Tony Veneziano
    J.R. Thompson Company

    Lise LeBlanc

    Job Search Strategist | Coach | Facilitator | Resume Writer | HELPING PEOPLE FIND JOBS

    I have known Marie for over 30 years and have had the opportunity to work along side with her as well as have her as a friend. Marie has high energy, a positive outlook, is a doer and an out of the box thinker who can tackle a project with fresh eyes. She has outstanding interpersonal skills as well as a solid understanding of relationship building both in person and on line. Her creativity is well grounded into reality and the bottom line. If the west coast was closer to the east coast I would hire her in a heart beat.

    François Boileau

    Commissaire, Commissariat aux services en français de l'Ontario

    Je connais Marie depuis 1993 environ. Son expérience auprès de la jeunesse canadienne-française n'est plus à démontrer. Marie est une débrouillarde qui a toujours su faire face aux défis en les voyant comme des occasions d'améliorer et non comme des obstacles à franchir. Elle est dotée d'une personnalité engageante et son enthousiasme est contagieux. Comme coordonnatrice aux Jeux de la francophonie canadienne, elle serait simplement extraordinairement compétente. Il me ferait plaisir de répondre à toutes questions concernant Marie Lapointe.

    Denis J. Bertrand

    Expert en développement de publics - Audience Development Expert

    Marie est une personne compétente et déterminée. J'ai toujours admiré son intelligence et sa volonté de réussir.
    Marie is a very talented person. She is committed to every project she undertakes. I've always appreciated her resourcefulness and her will to succeed.


    To discuss your projects and goals over a cup of coffee...

    Pacific Beach
    San Diego, CA 92109

    There's no hiding in today's world.